Our process

The Cookies

Monkey Wrench Vegan Bakery = HUGE vegan cookies. And they're mostly organic too. We understand that it takes quality ingredients to make a great cookie. Which is why we use only the finest, organic ingredients (when available). We always have a rotation of 8 flavors of cookies, including seasonal options. Monkey Wrench is also expanding to offer other pastry options, including muffins and cinnamon rolls. Keep your eye out for our new items, coming soon!

Bike Delivery

Vegan pastries, delivered by bicycle, in Portland, OR. In addition to our commitment to providing fine, vegan pastries... Monkey Wrench is also committed to doing so by bicycle. To do our part for the health of our planet, we brave whatever Mother Nature throws at us to bring pastries to you favorite cafes and grocers in Portland. We hope you appreciate it, say "Hi" when you see us out on the road!